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E-Commerce is a focus Domain for our predictive analytics practice. Given the high availability of data in both structured and unstructured foorm, we believe a plethoria of deep insights can be generated by efficient application of predictive techniques that improve online retailing operations.

We Utilize all sources of data generating out of an online commerce Business(POS,server log,traditional and digital marketing data,offline promotions) and create a comprehensive analytics platform.Predictive Analytics techniques are then applied on the most relevant datasets to generate apt business insights.

Customer Segmentation

Utilizing demographic,purchase history and online browsing history to build customer segments that can be utilized to create targeted marketing and promotion offerings. The Customers are segmented into personas which resembles their browsing personality. Products are recommended for each persona separately.

Attribution Modelling

With the ever increasing marketing and media fragmentation, true ROI from each channel rea\mains elusive. Our Solution provides a complete view of effectiveness and ROI across marketing channels by developing dynamic marketing mix models.

Demand Forecasting

To overcome the issue of inventory management and Revenue Planning, our demand forecasting solution gives an accurate prediction of the demand of each SKU in the coming future.The model takes into consideration seasonality and promotional impact on the demand as well.

Product and Category Affinity

To understand the true affinity towards categories/products,we create affinity models analyzing historical purchase baskets. This helps in creating the "Next Best Offer" for a customer through a data driven recommendation engine.

Social Media Analytics

We have created a comprehensive social media data harvesting tool for own and competition tracking, this data can be utilized for deeper analytics and insight generation.

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