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Redefining Analytics

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Redefining Analytics

Analytics have long been suffering from the ‘usability gap’; i.e., the output is presented in such a technical and offline way, using that in business strategy development has never been the best experience. SIBIA liberates the analytics from this confinement and decipher the technical black-box into a strategy enabling tool at the hand of the business user. Thus, the analytics is converted into a decision support system and integrating the same with real time data – the predictive planning is enabled.

As a result, the business users get a unique experience of real time analytic interpretation of the data, and tools for making decisions which predicts the future implications right there.

For example, a marketer gets to know the impact on sales of all her previous tactics across vehicles, in a dynamic marketplace with interactions; and can plan her future tactics on the go effectively as she can view the possible outcomes. Or a telecom operator can predict the churn rates if he is planning a rate increase.


SIBIA solutions achieve this smarter decision making in a three step process:

  • Consolidate and harmonize all the relevant data in a common framework so that different data elements can be leveraged at the same instance
  • Employ the best predictive analytics techniques across the disciplines of econometrics, statistics and data mining and create the analytics knowledge engine
  • Integrate the data and analytics in the technology framework that the user can carry everywhere, with the in-built tools for monitoring and planning

SIBIA solution framework has been made possible by the optimum mélange of state of the art technology, advanced analytics methodologies and deep domain knowledges. The team brings in long and deep experience in all the areas required to build this a framework.

A number of business solutions have been built by SIBIA to prove the utilities of this framework, and a bigger number of solution accelerators and best practices have been pre-developed to reap our clients a faster time to value.

Enablers of SIBIA Analytics Framework:

The conception of the whole system was possible by efficiently mixing the four disciplines of data, analytics, domain and technology. The four components of the system work and integrate closely to ensure a seamless integration.

  • data


    Data frameworks are created keeping in mind the localized nature of the sources and attributes as well as insights required, and is converted into solution specific data models utilizing state of the art database technology.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Predictive Analytics

    Best of the class methodologies from econometric, statistics and data mining implemented in open source, custom built or commercial tools specific to use cases; and solution accelerators are created.

  • data


    The domain knowledge has been infused in the data interpretation systems as well as planning tools, so that the behavioral models can impersonate the industry dynamics.

  • data

    Cloud Technology

    To finally make the solution available and usable to the business users, cloud computing, mobile application and web technologies are leveraged to fullest extent and seamlessly integrated.

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