SIBIA: Readdressing Business Analytics

We create the perfect blend of data, insights, and strategy, through advanced predictive analytics. We provide decision support systems that work in synergy with your real-time enterprise and market data.

Our Services

SIBIA provides predictive analytics and decision support solutions to a diverse set of industries. The customizable services are curated to solve core business concerns through the most effective use of big data analytics.

Predictive Modelling
Predictive Modelling

We offer advanced and customized predictive modeling solutions by building data driven algorithms using both external and internal factors that influence your business.

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Interactive Dashboard
Interactive Dashboard

We offer online interactive business dashboards that provide readily available performance metrics in interesting visual formats and reporting tools for agility and speed in your analytics function.

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We offer forecasting solutions for effective marketing campaigns, successful market potential mapping, and accurate demand estimations that are powered by our proprietary forecasting engine.

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Our Products

We offers selective premier products that have been designed to address the most important industry challenges. These have been curated for quick and convenient insights through the use of predictive modeling and live dashboards & simulation.


A marketing performance management solution that estimates accurate return on marketing investment (ROMI) across channels—to optimize marketing and promotional strategies, identify effective channels in each market, and generate highest returns on your marketing investments.

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Demand Planner

A demand forecasting tool that helps category and channel sales managers to develop accurate demand estimations to aid sales planning, time-bound replenishment & inventory control, improve supply chain, and enhance customer experience.

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Sibia Marketing Analytics

A New Age of Analytics Awaits

Modern business ecosystem demands a new era of data analytics- we are talking IoT, Big Data, open source technologies, cloud computing, and structured & unstructured data processing. Our CXOs need their strategies to be more than sheer transcription of the trade dynamics....

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