Attribution models & social media analytics Attribution models & social media analytics




Given the high availability of data in both structured and unstructured form, we believe a plethora of deep insights can be generated by efficient application of predictive techniques that improve online retailing operations.

We utilize each source of data pertinent to the online commerce business (web analytics, ecommerce engine, server log, traditional and digital marketing data, offline promotions) and map them to our analytical algorithms. From here we generate most useful business insights, which maximizes your revenue and return.

attribution modeling solutions

Customer Segmentation

The buyer profiles, purchase history, and online behavior is used to construct targeted customer biomes. These are defined by personas, which resembles their browsing and online personality. This forms the base for strategic marketing and promotion offers that recommend best-suited products to these groups at the right time.

Attribution Modelling

Attribution Modelling

We estimate the true ROI for your marketing and promotional strategies across the adopted channels. We deliver the direct advantage of predictive analytics to estimate the success of upcoming campaigns. Our attribution modeling solutions paints the bigger picture for you to estimate channel effectiveness with marketing mix.

Product and Category Analytics

Product and Category Analytics

We aid the formulation of complex strategies required for online merchandising and retailing of different SKUs. Our granular product and category affinity models are based on a history of purchases as performed by the online buying personas. You are able to customize offers to be of best interests to the sundry consumer segments.

Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics

We provide an exhaustive social media analytics platform, compiled with advanced self-learning algorithms to help e-commerce portals assess and rank social interactions based on their performance and influence on audience. We offer the solution as a web hosted dashboard that serves as one stop solution for all your analytics.

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A marketer gets to know the impact on sales of all her previous
tactics across vehicles, in a dynamic marketplace with interactions;
and can plan her future tactics on the go effectively as she can view
the possible outcomes.

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