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SIBIA at XLRI’s Ideakon 2016; CEO & Founder Angshuman to Speak on his Journey as an Entrepreneur

SIBIA at XLRI’s Ideakon 2016; CEO & Founder Angshuman to Speak on his Journey as an Entrepreneur

Ideakon is a perennial event by the entrepreneurship cell of XLRI Jamshedpur, which hosts entrepreneurs from all walks of trade to share their journey and experiences, so as to bring out what it takes to be one. The central theme for this year’s event has been declared as “Creating Order Out of Chaos”.

The speakers would congregate to share the not-so-shiny side of venturing out with their business plans. Angshuman Bhattacharya, SIBIA CEO and Founder, will step up the dais to share his  experiences in the presence of a dozen others of the entrepreneurial creed viz. SaurabhKochar: India Head, Food Panda, BalajiViswanathan: popularly known as the Quora man, Amit Sahu:, RajatTuli: Founder-Happily married, Faisal Ahmad: CEO and Founder-BIS research.

The speaker’s series will be preceded by a group of young business enthusiasts interacting with these corporate success stories, seeing their guidance on the dos and don’ts of entrepreneurship.

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