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Intuitive & Customizable Data Visualization

Move over sourcing reports from the varied departments across your functions. Now, monitor all your business progress at your fingertips, over a single visual platform.

Plan, execute and refine your sales and marketing strategies or customer intelligence. Build visual reports, uncover out-of-sight data patterns and make smarter data-driven decisions.

Multiple Capabilities, One Platform

Multiple Capabilities, One Platform

We aggregate the enterprise and third-party data to create a single data mart and integrate it to our customizable dashboards. This allows you to visualize progress at a glance, or call for metrics that are updated in real-time.

  • Track performance metrics
  • Review business progress on the go
  • Get a granular view of the business initiatives
  • Build & share visually dynamic reports
Simplicity and Agility of Functions

Simplicity and Agility of Functions

Experience our unique interactive dashboards that enable you to visualize and understand your data in the most simplified manner. Save and share findings with your team with a single click. Access the dashboard any time, from anywhere and on any device.

  • Self-explanatory Navigation
  • Flexible UI Designs
  • Web-based Accessibility
  • Responsive Graphical Compilations
  • Secured & Authorized User Access
  • Cloud-hosted

    Cloud-based solution that is easily accessible from any device over the web

  • Interactive Data Visualization
    Interactive Data Visualization

    Data that speaks to you and responsive statistical display that communicates what you need to know

  • Business-ready Functions
    Business-ready Functions

    Download a spreadsheet for offline analysis, or download a presentation for discussion

  • End-to-end Managed
    End-to-end Managed

    Complete data and solution support over an entirely secure platform with limited authorizations


Learn how our powerful data integration tools and rich analytics can uncover
hidden insights about your business

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Case Studies

A marketer gets to know the impact on sales of all her previous
tactics across vehicles, in a dynamic marketplace with interactions;
and can plan her future tactics on the go effectively as she can view
the possible outcomes.

Sales Performance Monitoring in real Estate

A detailed performance dashboard for real estate business - for its salesforce across geog...

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Employee Perception Analysis

This case study discusses the solution delivered to an enterprise in USA, to understand, a...

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