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Predictive Modelling

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Smarter Anaytics, Superior Insights

We offer predictive modeling services that guide you towards the underlying profitable opportunity segments. In addition, they help uncover existing risks well in time and prepare go-to market strategies.
Predictive Modelling

Predictive Analytics with a Difference

We use the most advanced statistical techniques that enable high-speed large-volume data processing. Our predictive models utilize data more efficiently, thus enabling smarter decisions.

  • Use of data from every source–enterprise, public domain, web & social, etc.
  • A customizable solution as per your business dynamics.
  • Model recalibration based on evolving market trends and dynamics.
  • Marketing Efficacy and ROI Estimations
    Fraud Prevention in Financial Services

    By analyzing trade characteristics and customer behavior, a fraud score is developed for each transaction - which can be prioritized for review and help reduce fraud risks significantly.

  • Detailed Analytics and Regular Reports
    Market Size Estimation for Categories

    By predicting the drivers of business, like the target population growth, income and lifestyle growth, consumer trends and supply side factors, a long run market size for each segment in the category is arrived - which help plan the business in the right direction

  • Customer Targeting with the Right Offer
    Customer Targeting with the Right Offer

    By analyzing a customers historical purchases, the customer groups behavioral traits and other events in life,the right product offer at the right time can be defined and customer value and experience can be significantly improved.

Accelerate Your Success Potential

Our predictive analytics solutions keeps you ahead of the game with ready insights driven by a variety of statistical techniques from modeling, data mining, machine learning and data intelligence.
  • Align model architecture with your business goals
  • Organize pertinent data from all possible sources
  • Maximum focus on metrics of high impact
  • Use of both historical & live data to build automated predictions
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Case Studies

A marketer gets to know the impact on sales of all her previous
tactics across vehicles, in a dynamic marketplace with interactions;
and can plan her future tactics on the go effectively as she can view
the possible outcomes.

Employee Perception Analysis

This case study discusses the solution delivered to an enterprise in USA, to understand, as well as improve the overall ...

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